Collection: Fall Collection

Introducing an exclusive naturally dyed wool blanket collection by Traceable Textiles. Sign up now at the bottom of this page for updates and be the first to know when these unique blankets are available for purchase this fall 2024. We will add images as the blankets are finished so you can see what else we have in the making


Discover the essence of sustainable luxury with our Fall 

2024 Blanket Collection.

Each blanket in this exquisite collection is made from 100% locally sourced wool and coloured with natural dyes derived from local marigolds, comfrey, and traceable indigo from Bangladesh, these blankets offer a vibrant celebration of nature’s palette.

Key Features:

  • 100% Local Wool: Sourced exclusively from Alberta sheep farms, ensuring high quality and sustainability while supporting local agriculture and reducing environmental impact.
  • Soft and Durable: Enjoy a perfect blend of comfort and longevity. Traceable Textiles blankets are ideal for cozy nights or outdoor adventures.
  • Natural Wool Colours and Dyes: Each blanket is crafted with shades of natural wool, and wool dyed in-house using locally harvested materials like coreopsis, marigolds, comfrey, and indigo from Bangladesh, resulting in rich, natural colours that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.
  • Traceable Dyes: Our dyes are fully traceable, ensuring that every step of the process—from farm to finished product—is transparent and sustainable.
  • Handcrafted Excellence: Woven with the utmost care by our skilled team, each blanket reflects their dedication and expertise. 
  • Eco-Friendly Production: Our wool is processed using traditional methods at Custom Woolen Mills, and our blankets are handcrafted on floor looms. Staying true to our commitment to support local businesses, sustainability and traceability, they are the perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers.


Colours Integrated in the fall collection:

  • Golden Marigold: Warm, golden hues derived from locally grown marigolds, perfect for adding a touch of sunshine to your home.

  • Soft Comfrey Green: Soothing, natural greens achieved through comfrey dye, ideal for creating a calming atmosphere.

  • Deep Indigo Blue: Rich and soft blue hues from indigo dye, offering a classic and timeless look.

Elevate your home with the unmatched beauty and sustainability of our Fall 2024 Blanket Collection.

Each piece is more than a blanket, it is a connection to the land, the local community, and the timeless traditions of natural dyeing and weaving. Experience the warmth and heritage of Alberta with every thread.

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