Why Choose Wool Blankets

Why Choose Wool Blankets

Traceable Textiles Wool Blankets. A Superior Choice in Blankets.

When selecting the perfect blanket, throw, or scarf, the choice of material significantly impacts comfort, durability, and environmental impact. Here's why 100% wool stands out as the superior choice compared to polyester, especially when considering the traditional craftsmanship involved in its production.

1. Traditional Craftsmanship:

Wool: Each wool blanket, throw, and scarf from our collection is crafted on traditional floor looms. This honoured method of production not only preserves the art of weaving but also ensures each piece is unique and made with personal attention and care.
Polyester: In contrast, polyester blankets are often mass-produced using modern machinery, focusing on quantity over quality. This process lacks the personal touch and the rich history embedded in each woven wool piece.


2. Unmatched Natural Qualities:

Wool: Offers unparalleled warmth, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. Its natural fibres adjust to your body temperature, ensuring comfort all year round.
Polyester: While practical, polyester lacks the natural ability to regulate temperature and moisture, often leading to discomfort.


3. Durability and Longevity:

Wool:  With proper care, wool blankets, throws, and scarves can last for generations, becoming softer and more cherished over time.
Polyester: Although durable, polyester often loses its shape and texture with extensive use.


4. Environmental Impact:

Wool: As a sustainable and renewable resource, wool supports eco-friendly farming practices and is biodegradable, reducing considerably environmental impact.
Polyester: Derived from petroleum, polyester is non-biodegradable and contributes more significantly to environmental degradation.


5. Health and Comfort:

Wool: Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mildew, wool is ideal for sensitive skin and those with allergies.
Polyester: Can irritate the skin and attract allergens due to its static-prone nature.


6. Aesthetic and Luxury:

Wool: Wool's natural texture and lustre contribute to products that not only look luxurious but feel supremely soft and cozy.
Polyester: Though versatile, lacks the authentic, rich feel and depth of texture offered by wool.


7. Investment Value:

Wool:  While initially more costly, wool offers better value over time due to its lasting quality and minimal care requirements.
Polyester: Often requires more frequent replacements despite its lower initial cost.

Choosing wool means investing in a piece of art that offers comfort, durability, and a minimal environmental footprint. With each wool product, you embrace a piece of tradition, crafted to provide warmth and beauty for years to come.

Opt for wool, and experience a legacy of comfort and craftsmanship in every woven thread.

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