Buoyed by those who Support Sustainable

Buoyed by those who Support Sustainable

Weaving Connections: Sustainable Farming, Milling, and Community Support.


In the realm of sustainable wool production, there are sheep ranchers who prioritize eco-friendliness over wasteful practices like dumping or burning their fleeces. These environmentally conscious farmers understand the value of their wool and seek alternative uses for it. This ethos has led to a fruitful collaboration between Kalea Beckman-Turner (Luddite Yarn) and the farmers, creating a network that allows Traceable Textiles to connect with those committed to farm-to-fiber initiatives.


Alberta small, family owned Woolen Mill

We are incredibly fortunate to partner with Custom Woolen Mill, located just 2.5 hours from Edmonton, Alberta. Their expert spinning techniques are a cornerstone of our process, creating yarn that's ideal for our handwoven products. The mill's method produces a loft and lightness in the yarn that's perfect for crafting our signature handwoven blankets, throws, and scarves. This collaboration is vital in bridging the gap between local sheep farmers and makers like us.

Circles of Support

From our inception, we have been bolstered by a community that shares our passion for environmentally conscious manufacturing and sustainable living. Gather Textiles, a business that has been with us from the start, has played a significant role in our journey. Their financial support in research and development has been instrumental in promoting and sharing the story of Parkland wool.

The contribution of others, through thoughtful advice and beautiful photography, has fostered a sense of camaraderie as we work towards a common purpose. 

Tiny steps toward a larger goal are made easier knowing we are surrounded by a community that cares. Together, we are committed to doing our part in creating sustainable eco-friendly textiles, and this collective effort fills me with hope.

Shearer Photo by Kalea Beckman-Turner

A sheep farmer son shearing day

The next Two are Film Photos of fleece collection field trip by Morgan Pinnock

Two women and a trunk full of wool fleeceTwo women loading wool fleece in the trunk

Wool fleece burning Photo by Kalea Beckman-Turner

Discarded wool fleece burning


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